Animal Illustration

Do you own Champion dog, cat, horse, or other family pet? Or do you have a photo of a favorite pet from the past? An illustration is fine way to preserve the memory or capture the essence of an animal's character and personality. Illustration is also a fantastic way to remember the pet's legacy.

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Automotive/Motorbike Illustration

Let people know your passion when it comes to your favorite ride! Capture several detailed pics so that a professional rendering of a car, motorbike, plane, or boat can become a lasting memory. An illustration is also the perfect way to depict classic, rare or customized vehicles.

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Portraits truly are a classic way to keep forever the legacy of a  family member, friend co-worker or hero. Done in your choice of graphite, charcoal, pastel or colored pencil, with a down payment you can have the work begun. Turn around times will vary depending on number of subjects and backgrounds.

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Desire to Draw


I've had an interest in art from childhood. My great-grandfather was an artist by trade, and through him my mother passed on to me the desire to create.  While in high school and college I continued to pursue artistic interests as time allowed, but was busy trying to earn a living and raise children. Now, with children grown, I've turned again to my interest in art. I feel I have an obligation to utilize my talents while adding joy to others through my work

Now through the convenience of the internet, I can reach out to prospective clients. I hope you'll browse my portfolio. I look forward to bringing meaningful photos to life that you continue enjoying and sharing as part of a legacy. Upon receiving several photos for reference, I'll discuss the composition and send a rough sketch for approval. Following approval and 20%  deposit,  I'll render your photo in the media of your choice. Turn around time will depend on size and subject matter of your project.



horse portrait print-graphite

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